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Bearings and consolidations

Kazancompressormash and NIIturbokompressor have gained significant experience in engineering and manufacturing of bearings and seals for various compressor types that resulted in over twenty patents received in this field.


  • Hydrodynamic support and thrust slide bearings of various types
  • Gas dynamic & hydrodynamic end shaft seals
  • Lube oil units & sealing systems

Installation of the "dry" gas dynamic seals is also available for currently operated centrifugal compressors during their retrofit, instead of previously installed oil-filled hydraulic lock. Application of the dry gas dynamic seals provides some additional advantages:

  • Availability for any type & size of manufactured compressors
  • Complete integration into applied compressor system and manufacturing process
  • Correspondence to all customer requirements
  • Maintenance and service by the certified specialists trained by “John Crane” (England)
  • Quality assurance for all parts and reliable operation


  • Computation, design, testing

The bearings and seals are engineered using the newest software based on quasi-3D thermoelastic(hydro)dynamic models.

  • Engineering, manufacturing and supply of retrofitted bearings for centrifugal compressors fabricated by the Russian companies.
  • Recovery and re-manufacturing of support and thrust bearings, seal elements of compressors and turbines of various design.
  • Selection and delivery of the lube oil system components (pumps, oil filter) and complete lube oil units, lubrication and sealing systems, selection of lubricants for compressors and refrigerating systems.

Gas dynamic seal for centrifugal compressor
Control board of gas dynamic seals
Lube oil unit of compressor 6GC2-260/2-38 GTU