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Kazancompressormash increases cooperation with oil and gas companies on integrated projects for complex procurement of gas compression systems (GCS) and compressor stations (CS).

The company acts as a supplier of GCS and CS for Stavrolen (LUKOIL), ROSPAN INTERNATIONAL (NK Rosneft), Yuzhno-Balykskiy GPP (SiburTyumenGaz), Gazpromneft-Orenburg.

Under the international project for the South Stream gas pipeline construction Kazancompressormash supplies 12 superchargers for pipeline gas compression systems.

7GC2-660/56-76 supercharger for Zavolzhskaya compressor station Compressor station at Stavrolen with GCS based on 5GC2-287/15-57 GTU compressor of 25 MW unit capacity

Active work is carried out within the import substitution strategy implemented by companies of the fuel and energy sector of Russia.

The orders for design, manufacture and supply of high-tech compressor systems for the construction project of the oil refineries and petrochemical plants complex of TANECO and Tatneftegazpererabotka Administration (Tatneft) are being implemented.

According to the import substitution program, two compressor systems based on turbine-driven integrally geared centrifugal compressors are delivered and commissioned at the Yugo-Zapadnaya CHPP (St. Petersburg).

Integrally geared centrifugal compressor system GCM3-107/7-31 at Yugo-Zapadnaya CHPP Centrifugal compressor system 4GC1-254/2-10 at TANECO

The MKU TAKAT modular screw compressor systems of a new generation are designed and included into the production program, including those for application in the technology of gas production from low-debit gas wells.

The quality management systems of Kazancompressormash and NIIturbokompressor are certified for compliance with the STO Gazprom 9001-2012 requirements.



Complex projects of sophisticated compressor equipment supply to the leading oil&gas companies: Rosneft, Gazprom, Gazprom neft, LUKOIL, SIBUR Holding, Bashneft, NOVATEK

Compressor station based on centrifugal compressor unit 6GC2-260/2-38GTU Compressor station based on centrifugal compressor unit 6GC2-375/4-77 GTU

Due to a number of partnership agreements signed with the leading manufacturers of gas-turbine engines it is expected to obtain synergetic effect in the course of joint implementation of the complex projects by combination of intellectual and manufacturing resources of the partners.



Kazancompressormash joins the subsidiaries list of the large machine-building holding HMS Group



Large projects of compressors and compressor stations supply were implemented for the leading oil&gas companies: Rosneft, Gazprom, Gazprom neft, LUKOIL, SIBUR Holding, Bashneft, TANEKO and other companies

Compressor station based on centrifugal compressors
Compressor station based on centrifugal compressors 4GC2-124/14-79

In 2011 Kazancompressormash was named a winner of the Republic of Tatarstan Government Prize for achieving significant results in regard to the quality and safety assurance of its products and services, as well as for the implementation of high-efficiency quality management system



Centrifugal compressor units were engineered and manufactured for offshore ice-resistant fixed platform “Prirazlomnaya”

Offshore platform “Prirazlomnaya” Centrifugal compressor unit
32GC2-52/2-29 М3.1
Centrifugal compressor unit
3GC2-46/6-35 М3.1
Centrifugal compressor unit
5GC2-310/0,66-5 М3.1



New generation of high-efficient centrifugal compressors was engineered and manufactured for compression of oxygen, hydrogen sulphide and other gases

Centrifugal compressor 5GC2-300/4,5-64 Centrifugal compressor 5GC1-300/0,1-1,2

Rotary screw compressor units TAKAT with discharge pressure 45 bar were manufactured and supplied to Kazan Thermal Power Plant for fuel gas supply to gas turbine plant

Rotary screw compressor ТАКАТ-22/6-45



A charge compressor UNC-16 driven by a 16 MW gas-turbine was manufactured for the GPA-16 “Volga” gas compression system at Pomarskaya compressor station

GPA-16 “Volga” based on UNC-16 charge compressor

AEROCOM line of integrally geared compressor units was engineered, manufactured and supplied for the project of sea-based rocket and space complex “Morskoy start”

Integrally geared compressor Aerocom 43-120/9 ОМ5 Sea-based rocket and space complex “Morskoy start”



Manufacture of a wide range of compressor equipment was set up, including skid-mounted rotary screw compressors TAKAT for utilization of associated petroleum gas (APG); integrally geared centrifugal compressors for air; screw compressors for helium; centrifugal compressors for oil and gas processing, compressors for oxygen

Screw compressor ТАКАТ-18.06-19МG Compressor unit 43VC-160/9
Compressor unit for helium compression in cryogenic plant KASKAD - 80/25  



A new type of air refrigerating machine was engineered and manufactured to generate chill by compression and expansion of air. Refrigeration cycle of the machine was patented abroad. The machine was rewarded with the Certificate and the Gold Medal at industrial exhibitions in Leipzig and Moscow

Air refrigerating machine MTHM-1-25

Manufacture of high pressure centrifugal vertically split compressors for synthetic gas and gas-lift oil extraction was set up under a license of Dresser-Clark

Centrifugal compressor for synthetic gas
433GC2-143/23-321 PM2
Compressor station premises with
compressors 43GC-100/5-110 for gas-lift

Development of the first in the USSR skid mounted gas compression system GPA-C-6.3 driven by the aircraft gas turbine.

Gas compression system GPA-C-6,3

Manufacture of unified UCKM product line of centrifugal compressors engineered by Compressor Building Engineering Department was set up



Series manufacture of rotary screw compressors was started

Screw compressor VК-11

Compressor equipment was manufactured and supplied to the enterprises of chemical, steel, metal mining, rubber, consumer goods industry and a number of other industries



The plant was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labour for manufacture of high-performance equipment and prescheduled implementation of Seven-Year Industrial Plan

Order of the Red Banner of Labour



Manufacture of heavy duty turbocompressors, circulation compressors, unique turborefrigeration machines as well as oxygen turbocompressors was set up

Chlorine turbocompressor HTK-2,5/3,5 Oxygen turbocompressor КТК-7/15



A Compressor Building Engineering Department was launched (today known as NIIturbokompressor) to start engineering of compressor equipment in Kazan.

Plant workers at the construction site
of Compressor Building Engineering Department
Modern building of NIIturbokompressor



The first piston oxygen compressor shipped in July 17, 1951. This date is considered as a foundation day of Kazan Compressor Plant (today it is Kazancompressormash)

1st reciprocating compressor
Square of 1st Compressor

Within the first five years (1951-1955) the plant put into production ten new types of compressors and began the very first supplies of compressor equipment abroad. 1955: start of centrifugal compressors’ manufacture

The first centrifugal compressor CK-100-6.5


A leading Soviet physicist and Nobel laureate Pyotr Kapitsa initiated construction works
of Kazan Compressor Plant

Pyotr Kapitsa First bunk houses for construction workers. 1947

Plant management officesManufacturing facilities. Present days