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(LUKOIL): complete gas compression system

Complete gas compressor unit at OOO Stavrolen

Customer LUKOIL
Scope of works Engineering, manufacturing, procurement, installation supervision, commissioning
Scope of supply Complete gas compression system based on centrifugal compressor 5GC2-287/15-57 with gas turbine drive
Technical data
  • Capacity: 2200 million nm3/year
  • Suction pressure: 15 bar
  • Discharge pressure: 57 bar
  • Drive power: 25 MW
  • Compression and supply of dry stripped gas to the main pipeline
  • Generation of +310 °C and 39 bar steam for gas processing
Design features
  • Dual fuel gas type operation: dry APG and dry stripped gas. Change of the fuel type is carried out “on the run”
  • Rotor and diffuser are made in horizontally split diaphragms
  • Easy access to bearings and seals for installation and maintenance
  • Special locks of outer casing forged covers
  • Supply with waste boilers, gas separators, air cooling units, fuel gas booster compressors and water treatment plant
  • Back-to-back design of the compressor system
Solution features
  • Gas compression system is supplied in hangar version
  • Minimal installation works due to supply of equipment as highly prefabricated modules ready for installation
Commissioning Installation is in progress. Planned commissioning: September 2015