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Screw compressor systems for the rational use of associated petroleum gas

In accordance with the state programme of rational use of natural resources and reducing harmful emissions into the atmosphere of a serious effort to bring the fields up to the level of modern requirements. In this area of the screw compressor unit manufactured by JSC Kazankompressormash (part of HMS Group) on the basis of developments of JSC "NATURVETARNA them. V. B. Economies", are widely used in technologies of rational use of associated petroleum gas.

In recent years in the oil industry, considerable attention is paid to the utilization of associated petroleum gas (APG). What is clear is that implementation of measures for utilization of associated gas is impossible without modern technology and efficient equipment.

In the framework of the project on the rational use of APG company Kazankompressormash (HMS Group) provides oil flooded screw compressor unit (CU) in block-container design, intended for preparation of gas in the main processes of use of associated petroleum gas at the fields: use as a fuel to generate electricity and transportation by pipeline for further processing. In the design of KU introduced a patented technical solutions that allow the compressed gas of different quality going both from the first and the last stages of separation. The essence of the technical solutions is the use of single or dual circuit lubricating system having Autonomous system maintain optimal temperatures. Single (shared) system is used for compression of light non-corrosive gases, dual (separate) — for heavy and aggressive gases.

FEATURES of the PREPARATION of associated gas DURING COMPRESSION "LIGHT" non-corrosive GASES

Single-circuit lubrication system Single-circuit lubrication system
1 — input separator; 2 — compressor; 3 — separator;
4 — coalescence filter; 5 — gas cooler;
6 — scrubber

Komprimierung gas through an inlet separator where it is cleaned of solid particles and liquid fractions, is supplied to the compressor and, mixing with the injected oil is compressed to the required pressure. Further, casamassina mixture enters the oil separator with a three-stage separation system and a cascade of coalescence filters where effective treatment of gas oil. Oil after separation is returned to the tank under pressure. To avoid condensation after KU in the discharge line of after coalescence filter gas cooler is installed.

In the gas cooler the gas is cooled to a temperature below the dew point, thus there is a loss of condensate, which is removed at the end of the separator and is discharged through the automatic drainage system. The output KU the oil content in the compressed gas is not more than RM (mg/kg). Oil from the oil tank through the oil filters and oil cooler due to the differential pressure (or pump) is supplied to the injection of the compressor, the bearings and the end seal (total lubrication system). The composition of KU is an automatic system to maintain optimum temperature of the gas in the separator, which is selected depending on the gas composition and the terms of the exception to the condensation of heavy components of the gas dissolved in the oils, which can increase oil life and reduce operating costs.


Dual circuit lubricating system Dual circuit lubricating system
1 - inlet separator; 2 - compressor; 3 - separator;
4 - coalescence filter; 5 - gas cooler; 6 - terminal separator; 7 - unit lubrication system

Feature in the preparation of APG KU JSC Kazankompressormash (HMS Group) when compressed heavy and corrosive gases is the presence of dual (separate) lubrication system comprising a first circuit for injection of oil into the working cavity of the compressor and a second circuit for supplying oil to the bearings and seals.

the First circuit has a system of automatic maintenance of optimum temperature of gas in the oil separator, similar to KU for compression of light non-corrosive gases. The second circuit has a system of automatic maintenance of optimum temperature of oil supplied to the bearings and seals. In the circuit for supplying oil to the bearings and seals completely missing the contact of oil with the compressed gas. Also the contours of the lubrication system have the ability to automatically maintain the optimum temperature of the gas in the oil separator and the oil temperature in the reservoir for supplying oil to the bearings and seals. This increases the durability of the bearings, the reliability of the KU overall compression of contaminated, corrosive gases and gases containing components, condensing in the process of compression and soluble in oils. Also increases the reliability in the operation of KU in severe technological and climatic conditions, the requirements to the quality of the oil circuit oil injection into the working chamber can be significantly reduced. The above engineering solutions can significantly increase the reliability KOO, use of cheap domestic oil and reduce operating costs.

In 2011-2012 JSC engineers Kazankompressormash (HMS Group) has commissioned a number of KU for the rational use of associated gas, a part of which is intended for compressing "heavy" gases, are made with a dual circuit lubrication system.

Field, where
is KU
Year of introduction in
Salym group of fields takate 52.2-7 M4 NF1
Salym group of fields takate M4 is at 50.07 NF1
Talakan takate 50.09 M4 NF1
Rogozhnikovskoye takate is at 50.10 M4 NF1

Compressor unit with separate lubrication of APG

PEEK a takate-M4 is at 50.10 NF1 for compression of APG Rogozhnikovskoye field (OJSC Over the last 5 years the company has delivered about 60 compressors the takate different execution systems for utilization of associated gas.

JSC Kazankompressormash (HMS Group) has all the technological and manufacturing resources allow us to manufacture and put on Russian and international markets with quality and reliable screw compressor units and compressor stations for compression of associated gas of different composition with productivity from 2 up to 100 m3/min (in one case) and a final pressure of 5.0 MPa.

Mironov, V. N.
Deputy Director for production and technical development of the business unit "GMS Compressors", OOO HMS Group.

Paranin Yu
Chief designer of JSC "NATURVETARNA them. V. B. Economies". September – October № 09 – 10 (98) 2012

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