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Utilization of associated petroleum gas centrifugal compressors driven by gas turbines: experience Kazankompressormash (HMS Group) in the supply of equipment for SiburTyumenGaz

Key equipment in technological processes of gas processing complex – centrifugal compressors. When choosing a supplier of gas compressor units of the enterprise in the first place pay attention to the manufacturer of the experience and resources to design and manufacture unique compressor units according to individual requirements. This article discusses the experience of the manufacturer JSC Kazankompressormash and design Institute CJSC "Naturvetarna them. V. B. Economies" in the implementation of complex projects for the supply of compressor units for one of the largest operators of gas processing complex in Russia – JSC "SIBUR".

Production enterprise JSC Kazankompressormash and research Institute JSC "Naturvetarna them. V. B. Economies" are a major engineering and engineering holding HMS Group and work as a unified scientific-technical complex. Kazankompressormash has 20 years experience in the production of compressors driven by gas turbine units (GTU) with a capacity from 6 to 25 MW, as well as of complete compressor stations. Tight integration with leading Russian developer "Naturvetarna them. V. B. Economies" provides an opportunity to deliver highly efficient and reliable compressor equipment according to the technological characteristics of the customer's facility. An important place in design solutions to issues related to energy saving technologies, reduction of losses of non-renewable energy resources, improvement of environmental situation in the areas of oil and gas production.

In the period from 2008 to 2012 in the framework of the General agreement with OJSC SIBUR about the design, manufacture and supply of equipment Kazankompressormash put OJSC SiburTyumenGaz six compressor units driven by gas turbines: GC-124/14-79 GTU (2 pieces), 66HZ-1162-1,3-38 GTU (3 pieces), GC-375/4-77 STU (1 piece).

Turboplay compressor unit for JSC SiburTyumenGaz
Turbomemory compressor unit for JSC SiburTyumenGaz

Two turboprint compressor unit GC-124/14-79 GTU was supplied to the booster compressor station (BCS) of South balyk GTP. When creating turborider compressor unit were applied progressive technical solutions currently used in the world practice of creating a gas-compressor units.

Compressor units are gas turbine drive with a capacity of 8 MW and performed in hangar design. Centrifugal compressor for compression of associated gas, and further processing performed in a "dry" (oil-free) version, equipped with magnetic bearings company "S2M" (France) and dry gas-dynamic seals, designed and manufactured "Naturvetarna them. V. B. Economies". The case of compression – ten with one intermediate cooling.

the Basic parameters of the compressor GC-124/14-79 GTU:

  • performance, reduced to normal conditions (20 °C 0,101 MPa), nm3/hour (m3/min) – 100000(124,05)
  • initial pressure, nominal, MPa – 1,34
  • the final pressure, nominal, MPa – 7,7

In the compressor unit uses advanced automatic control system, providing functions of control and regulation of all systems of the unit, including a gas turbine engine (based on the controller Yokogawa (Japan) and Allen Bradley (USA). Thus, operation of the unit have been possible without the constant presence of operating personnel.

In the cold season heating cover and block Assembly that allows the unit running in less than 1 hour, even in the harsh conditions of the Siberian climate. Anti-surge compressor system provides automatic regulation and protection of the compressor against surge, and emergency protection (GROOVE) of the compressor protects the equipment against any accidents and human error.

the Development, testing and delivery of aggregates GC-124/14-78 GTU South balyk GTP were carried out in a short time – within 15 months from the date of signing the contract. In 2009, pilot models of units passed the acceptance tests and were accepted for commercial operation. In Assembly GC-124/14-79 GTU was installed gas turbine engine driven aviation type AI-336-2-8 (manufacturer – "Motor Sich", Ukraine). But in response to the need "Siburtumengaz" to increase the flow rate of gas was consistent decision-making on the replacement drive motor for the gas turbine engine NK-ST-10 (manufacturer – JSC "Kuznetsov", Samara) power of 10 MW, which also provided the extension of the control range the performance of the unit compared to the original.

Compressor unit GC-124/14-79 GTU for South balyk GTP, SiburTyumenGaz
Compressor unit GC-124/14-79 GTU for South balyk GTP, SiburTyumenGaz

In 2012, was performed a complex of works on development of design documentation, procurement of equipment, modernization of head Assembly and commissioning tests. Technological features of associated petroleum gas utilization with Mamontov oil Deposit required the creation of a compressor unit high performance 700 million nm3/year.

Compressor unit type 66HZ-1162/1,3-TO on parameters such points was designed and manufactured at JSC Kazankompressormash, installed and successfully operated since 2010 in JSC "Yuzhno-balyk GPK" (Pyt-Yah).

Compressor and is supplied blocks maximum factory readiness. Units low compression and high-pressure lubrication system, sealing system, rack equipment, some gas lines. Engine blocks, mesoamericana engine, fuel and start gas placed in easy-to-assemble building, also included in the scope of delivery of the unit. In the compressor installation used gas turbine engine NK-16ST production of JSC "Kazan production engine-building production Association" (JSC "KMPO").

the Basic parameters of the compressor 66HZ-1162/1,3-TO:

  • performance, reduced to normal conditions (0 °C 0,101 MPa), nm3/hour (m3/min) -83340 (1162)
  • the suction pressure, MPa – 0,13
  • pressure, MPa – 3.7 V
  • the range of variation of the suction pressure, MPa – 0,13–0,17
  • the range of variation of productivity, m3/min – 1162-859

easy-to-assemble building was supplied complete with heating, ventilation (routine and emergency), lighting, gas detection, automatic fire extinguishing system. For refurbishment, the building is equipped with a crane with lifting capacity of 16 tons in explosion-proof version.

the Compressor, which is part of the compressor unit consists of two buildings of compression, two sections in each. Casing double-flow low pressure consists of parallel sections through three stages of compression in each. The drive of the compressor is carried out through the transmission and multiplier with a transmission ratio of 1.36 16 MW.

End seal – dry-plane type with graphite rings. Such seals are different from other types of simple construction and, consequently, high reliability, little time for repairs and replacement. As a locking gas used purified nitrogen.

In both cases used the bearings and end seals of the same size, thereby ensuring harmonization and interchangeability.

Compressor plant GC-375/4-77 GTU for Vyngapurovskoye COP LTD
The compressor unit GC-375/4-77 GTU for Vyngapurovskoye COP
LTD. "November GPK", SiburTyumenGaz

At the end of 2011 two more a similar unit is installed and commissioned on Vyngayahinskoy COP LTD "November GPK" and the COP "Nizhnevartovsk GPK".

In 2011, "Naturvetarna them. V. B. Economies" has completed the project, and in 2012 Kazankompressormash manufactured and supplied compressor system with gas turbine drive GC-375/4-77 GTU on Vyngapurovskoye COP November the CCP.

the Unit is designed for compression of associated gas coming from fields of LLC "Gazprom Neft" to the pressure of 7.6 MPa for further processing at the installation of low-temperature condensation and rectification. Turboprint compressor unit delivered in block-container design.

The main parameters of the compressor GC-375/4-77 GTU:

  • performance, reduced to normal conditions (20°C 0,101 MPa), nm3/hour (m3/min) – 90000 (364,06)
  • pressure in HPA, MPa (abs.) – 0,4
  • pressure from HPA, MPa (abs.) – 7,6

the Type of compressor – two-piece centrifugal pump with oil bearings and dry gas-dynamic seals. Each section of compression has five wheels arranged on a "back to back". Between the sections is made of the intermediate cooling of the gas. At the outlet of the second section, there is a tail gas cooler.

the Drive of the compressor – gas turbine NK-16-ST through the multiplier between the drive and the buildings of compression of the compressor.

Compressor unit GC-375/4-77 GTU for Vyngapurovskoye COP manufactured and delivered in less than one year. In the fall of 2012 compressor line was adopted in industrial operation.

All turboprint compressor units are shipped complete, including the compressor unit, Assembly of the engine, separators, heat exchangers, platforms and other elements necessary for the successful operation of the units. Thanks to the successful cooperation of the company JSC "SIBUR", JSC Kazankompressormash fishers and processors of Siberia will get a quality and reliable domestic compressor equipment, not inferior and even superior to a number of indicators of the best foreign analogues. Deeper processing of oil and associated gas gathering, applying a new compressor equipment provide opportunities for efficient use of natural resources and reduction of factors of environmental pollution, allowing gas companies to improve the environmental situation in the Siberian region.

G. S. Butkis, first Deputy managing Director, JSC Kazankompressormash;
A. M. Akhmetzyanov, Deputy General Director on scientific work,
CJSC "Naturvetarna them. V. B. Economies", HMS Group;
A. N. Klochkov, head of the Department of scientific and technical information JSC "Naturvetarna
them. V. B. Economies", HMS Group;
A. G., Russia, technical Director, JSC "Cybertonian", JSC "SIBUR"

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