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An interview with the CEO of the Business unit "GMR Compressors" Skrynnik Yu. the news Agency Tatar-inform

  • Yuri, it's been 6 months since the moment when the management of JSC Kazankompressormash passed to the Management company of the HMS Group. You can already sum up the first preliminary results?

First of all, I would like to note that Kazankompressormash is very large and therefore difficult from the point of view of management of the company. Assembled a complete production cycle (from design to delivery and installation) advanced high-tech equipment like compressors and compressor stations. The company is very wide range and standard range product portfolio. On the compressor our factory employs nearly all oil and gas producing companies of Russia and CIS. And the management of such enterprise is, first and foremost, a big responsibility towards our customers, towards the city, Republic and Russian industry as a whole. 

We, as a leading engineering company in Russia, are thoroughly prepared for the acquisition of OJSC Kazankompressormash, because it is well understood that in the country there is now a second similar plant such level, and in Europe, companies such magnitude 3-4.

the Company came under the management of HMS Group in the fourth quarter, almost at the very end of last year. However, over this relatively short period of time we managed to solve a number of priorities in technology and improving businessprocesses, but most importantly – we were able to maintain continuity of management and a unified team to implement a set of practical measures that create the groundwork to get a very good results this year.

We have performed an analysis of capacity utilization of the enterprise on the basis of which began the implementation of measures for elimination of a number of so-called bottlenecks by improving the organization and planning of the production process and the use of available enterprise Park Metalworking equipment. In some cases ordered and will soon have a new high-performance and high-precision equipment. So, for example, signed a contract with the company Dorries Scharmann Technologies GmbH (Germany) for the acquisition machining center VC 3500/320 MC. This high-precision machining center will allow you to perform complex operations on lathe turning and milling housings of centrifugal compressors, which will allow to increase production of this type of equipment by 25% and reduce the manufacturing cycle, on average, for 7 days.

the company organized systematic work on the development of information technology to bring them to the level of standards adopted in our company. This applies to infrastructure, and special software, and key personnel of the service.

  • just recently in the national media there was information about buying Your company stock Institute "Institute of the Turbocharger. Economies". How, in Your opinion, this acquisition will affect the results of work of JSC Kazankompressormash?

the Institute of Plant and historically there have always been parts of a single organism. When performing each individual order plant refers to the Institute, and the income of the Institute is almost 100% are formed by cooperation with the plant. It should be noted that NII TC them. Economies – it is the only Institute of its kind in Russia and CIS countries that possess such a unique experience and competence in the creation of large centrifugal and screw compressors. The acquisition and integration into our Group NII TC will allow us to develop the most effective technical solutions, which expects from us today customer. However, it gives us the opportunity to build a system of motivation of engineers and designers in such a way that it took into account the results of joint work. This will benefit everyone and hopefully this will allow us in a relatively short time to develop a new range of highly competitive cars and to consolidate our position in the market of compressor stations.

  • What plans or goals do You set for the company and ourselves for the next 2-3 years, and, if possible, for the longer term?

When you reply to this question it is important to note that the GMR Group is a strategic investor in the company, and we see this investment not as a source of short-term profits, but as the basis of our long-term development in the field of compressors. The enterprise has enormous untapped potential, and we started with the fact that over this relatively short period of time, formed the backlog of orders for 2013 in the amount of about 4 billion rubles, which is almost two times more than in previous years. We make every effort to regain the trust and enter into projects of Gazprom – the main consumer is a powerful compressors in the Russian Federation. We received some very large orders from LUKOIL, and also have a good backlog for the other major oil and gas companies and continue to shape the portfolio of orders for next year, 2014.

in collaboration with the specialists of the company developed and began implementation of an ambitious investment programme for technological re-equipment of production facilities until 2015. This is a very serious program and significant investment, but they are necessary to fulfill large orders from our key customers and ensure a high level of quality.

If we talk about the longer term, we Kazankompressormash, no doubt, will maintain and strengthen its position as leader on the Russian market for centrifugal and screw compressors and in 5 years will increase the volume of manufactured equipment for a minimum of 3 times in comparison with 2012. 

  • Former management of JSC Kazankompressormash paid great attention social issues. Not changed in connection with the change of ownership relationship to this area?

In matters of social policy at the enterprise retains full continuity to the course, which consistently led the I. G. Chislev, because people are the main asset of any enterprise, especially of this high-tech, which is Kazankompressormash. The company has a collective agreement, all contractual benefits and social obligations are met. According to the collective agreement, paid annual allowance and compensation. The total amount of payments is about 20 million rubles. In March 2013 took place at the enterprise bargaining campaign: conducted meetings in all divisions of the company, discussed the results of 2012, confirmed the commitments of the administration to the team. The company provides clinic and recreation center for its employees. Overall social benefits of the enterprise for the results of 2012 amounted to $ 67.5 million rubles.

  • You noted the significant contribution Ibrahim Gabdulhakovich Hisamieva to the social welfare of staff. After his resignation from the post of Director-General what role it plays in the life of the enterprise?

Ibrahim gabdulhakovich went to work to our management company, and currently is an Advisor to Kazancompressormash Director General for compressor manufacturing. He is actively involved in discussing and making decisions on key issues and technical personnel policy. He is also active within the Association of compassionately, uses this platform to promote the interests of engineering in the state bodies of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tatarstan.

  • Kazancompressormash – first asset of Your company in Tatarstan. How are the relations with the Republic? Is there a visible interest to what is happening in the enterprise?

In the Republic we work closely with the Ministry of industry and trade. Tatarstan President also regularly interested in the Affairs of the factory, and we, from its part, regularly inform them and consult with them on key issues in the development of the company.

Tatarstan is one of the most industrially developed regions of Russia with a well-diversified structure of the economy. Here are located and successfully run many regular customers of JSC Kazankompressormash. We actively interact with them on a permanent working basis and within the framework of the events organized on the initiative of the President and Government of the Republic of Tatarstan, which helps in the development of mutually beneficial business relationships.

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