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Complete HPA for APG utilization

Compressor station consisting of a complete GPU-based compressor GC-375 /4-77 GTU (November GIC)

At present is being developed in Russia more than 1250 oil and gas condensate fields. In addition to oil produced associated petroleum gas (APG) – a valuable raw material for the production of petrochemical products. Associated gas is usually dissolved in oil, but also can accumulate in the form of caps on oil. Immediately after the extraction of formation fluid from the well field for the handling and preparation of oil and gas liquids to oil, which is then fed into the pipeline and transported to the consumer. In another case with petroleum gas.

In the Russian energy sector, approximately 98% of associated gas to provide oil companies. It is worth noting that the industrial infrastructure of the Russian oil companies have historically relied on oil production. For this reason, the gas released as a result of the preparation of commercial oil, most oil and gas companies were burnt in flares. According to available estimates, the level of utilization of associated petroleum gas in Russia for 2006 did not exceed 66% (extracted 41.5 billion m3), of which 38% (15.5 billion m3) is supplied to gas processing plants (GPP) and 28% (11.8 billion m3) – for own needs of the fishery (self-supplied electricity, heat, etc.).

By the end of 2011 to beneficial use accounted for 75.5% of the total volume of APG in 2012 – 76,2%, in 2013 it was planned to reach the level of 79%. The experience of Norway, which was able to achieve almost 100% beneficial use of this resource.

Thus, more than 20% of associated gas burned in flares, which had a significant environmental damage, not to mention the loss of economic benefits.

Turbine drive NC-16-18-STD for GPU-based compressor GC-375/4-77 STU

In connection with environmental requirements and to improve the profitability of production of oil at present the strong emphasis on recycling and utilization of associated petroleum gas. For these purposes in JSC SiburTyumenGaz based Vyngapurovskaya compressor station (CS) provides for the establishment of GPP for processing of associated petroleum gas.

In 2011, JSC "Naturvetarna them. V. B. Economies" has completed the project, and in 2012 JSC Kazankompressormash manufactured and supplied the complete gas compressor unit (GCU) on the basis of compressor units with gas turbine drive (GTR) GC-375/4 - 77 GTU on Vyngapurovskoye compressor station November GIC (JSC SiburTyumenGaz). ("Naturvetarna" and Kazankompressormash are machine holding OJSC "HMS Group") HPA is designed for compression of associated gas coming from fields of LLC "Gazprom Neft" to the pressure of 7.6 MPa for further processing at the installation of low-temperature condensation and rectification. The unit is made in block-container design.

the Basic parameters of the HPA on the basis of the compressor GC - 375/4-77 GTU:

  • performance, reduced to normal conditions (20°C 0,101 MPa), nm3/hour (m3/min) – 90000 (364,06);
  • pressure in HPA, MPa (abs.) – 0,4;
  • pressure from HPA, MPa (abs.) Is 7.6.

When you create the Assembly adopted the most advanced technical solutions currently used in the world practice of creating a gas-compressor units, including:

  • the layout of the compressor in easy-to-assemble shelter
  • using high-performance flow part of the compressor, placed in a single package;
  • use dynamic "dry" seals (COMPLETE) of the compressor rotor (development and production of JSC "Naturvetarna them. B. B. Economies", HMS Group);
  • the use of modern automatic control systems, providing functions of control and regulation of all systems of the unit, including a gas turbine engine ();
  • the use of carbon dioxide gas automatic extinguishing systems;
  • package contents compressor bypass valve using perfect system anti-surge control and protection;
  • delivery of the unit to full operational readiness, with the control Assembly at the company is the General supplier.

the Unit consists of a functionally complete, transportable units of full factory readiness, abutting on the object. The equipment unit is in easy-to-assemble shelter and beyond.

the Main building units of the installation are:

1. The block of the engine from the GTR to which the object connected integrated air-cleaning device, exhaust system, unit mesoamericana engine block fuel gas.

2. Unit the compressor unit in the form of finished block box (shelter) with a centrifugal compressor, a multiplier, Assembly lubricant, the unit masloohladitelyah, the system of gas pipelines with air cooling and gas separators.

In the scope of delivery also includes the automation system, power supply system, fire extinguishing system, ventilation, and a set of ladders and maintenance platforms.

centrifugal compressor unit
GC-375/4-77 STU

the location of the staging apparatus of air cooling of gas (AVOG), end of AVOG, blocks, separators and piping supply and vent gas to them outside of the shelter on-site compressor station designed by the designer of the compressor plant "CJSC lenniihimmash".

Basic sub-unit of the unit is a compressor with a multiplier on the frame. The centrifugal compressor, a ten, with a vertical connector housing, two-piece with intermediate cooling of the compressed gas in the staging AVOG. The location of steps – back-to-back, which reduced the amount of total axial force and allowed to place all ten steps in a single package. This arrangement requires careful gas-dynamic calculations of each step, agreeing with the previous and subsequent stages at different speeds and modes of operation, the calculation sections and the Central dummies taking into account the possible existence of self-oscillations of gas at high pressure ratios. You must also consider the impact of the dry gas seal. In the design calculations were made of the dynamics of the rotor system with regard to gas forces.

the compressor capacity is made by changing the rotational speed of the turbine GTR in the range of from 70 to 105% of nominal.

In the engine block installed turbine drive NK-16-18 PT power turbine, which is connected to the compressor unit multiplier.

the Frame of the engine block and compressor have the docking station, which allows the Assembly to provide a preliminary alignment of the engine and compressor.

To ensure dismantling of the GTR in order to repair from the manufacturer provided for the roll-out of the GTR on the track from the engine block through the duct and the suction chamber.

In container engine block cooling air is introduced, for which the engine block is both protective gas, ensure explosion protection.

fire extinguishing System unit provides:

  • detection, alarm and extinguishing fire in the engine block and compartment unit mesoamericana engine
  • detection and alarm about the fire in the shelter of the unit, the power supply unit and the ventilation unit;
  • detection and alarm gas concentration in the engine block and cover Assembly with automatic emergency ventilation when the concentration of gas 20% of the lower concentration limit of ignition (ncce) and the shutdown of process equipment unit when the concentration of gas 50% LEL.

HPA on the basis of the compressor GC-375/4-77 GTU for Vyngapurovskoye the COP produced and delivered in a relatively short term (less than one year). In the fall of 2012 compressor line was adopted in industrial operation.

Thanks to the successful cooperation of the tandem Group GMR Kazan compassionately JSC "Naturvetarna them. V. B. Economies" and JSC "Kazanka-pressures" fishers and processors of Siberia will get a quality and reliable domestic compressor equipment, not inferior and even superior to a number of indicators of the best foreign analogues. The collection of associated gas, the use of a new compressor equipment provide opportunities for efficient use of natural resources and reduction of factors of environmental pollution, allowing gas companies to improve the environmental situation in the Siberian region.

A. M. Akhmetzyanov, Deputy General Director on scientific work
F. K. sarmanaev, chief engineer of the project JSC "Naturvetarna them.In.B.Economies" (HMS Group)
A. G., Russia, technical Director of JSC SiburTyumenGaz (OJSC "SIBUR holding")

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